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POTY voting starts at Ticalc.org

Yes, I know this year I didn't really produce anything, and so I am not nominated on Ticalc.org . Still POTY is a great thing and the voting has just started. So head over to Ticalc.org and start voting! Don't forget to check back sometimes, since new polls for the other calculator sections will start. ;)
May the best programs win!

Stefan Bauwens


I am honored to have been interviewed. :)

The administrator of TI-84-Plus.com, a website with all the things you'll ever have to know for your TI-84 Plus contacted me yesterday, which was quite a surprise for me.
Today the article was published on their blog. You can read it here.
Be sure to check the rest of the site out too. It's full with very useful things!

Visit the website
Visit Ti-84 Plus on Twitter

Stefan Bauwens

TI-84 Plus C SE arrives

Tuesday morning my package arrived with inside the beautiful TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.
It's the first colour calculator in my collection. Although I have quite some other Z80 calculators it's also pretty new to me since I mostly use my TI-89 as main calculator.
Anyway, this calculator has some cool new features such as a rechargeable battery that can be charged with an usb cable. When it charges a light on the side of the calculator gets turned on; orange/red for charging and green for full.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This awesome colour screen will be great for working in the dark. Not saying I usually do that kind of stuff, but I'm pretty sure there were already moments I could use a backlit screen.

Along with it came 2 stickers as you can see in the pictures. I haven't decided where to stick them yet though. I even got a third one, that I got from Ti-Concours contest because I won one round. :)
In the meantime I've already been working on a basic Hex-to-Binary-to-sprite converter. With the help of Weregoose , who gave an awesome hex to binary function and Xeda, who did several cool optimizations on my code I got it done. Now I still gotta see what I'll do with it exactly.

Happy CSE'ing!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Stefan Bauwens

I won TI-Planet contest

TI-Planet announced the results from the Dragon Ball Z contest this morning.
And apparently I was the best, which means I won!
I'm very happy and I as winner I had the ability to choose from the 2 calculators(TI-Nspire CX and TI-84 Plus Colour SE). I chose for the TI-84 Plus Colour, and I'm sure I'll be happy with it! I'm very grateful for this gift and hereby thank the TI-Planet team. :)
For correct answers to the questions and see the other contestants rank you can click the link and read the full article.

When my prize arrives I'll try to as fast as possible take some pictures of it and post it here! See you then!

Stefan Bauwens

Ti-Concours and New Contest

Ti-Concours 2013 is over and I ended up second. Xeda, who did a great job got a deserved prize. :)
Well done to all the winners of TI-Concours!
See site

I may have not won this contest, but Ti-Planet just started another new one: Dragon Ball Z Treasure Hunt.
We have to answer several questions regarding 2 pieces of code that are seen for a few seconds in one of the Dragon Ball Z episodes.
For some reason I feel this is more a contest for me. Wish me luck!

Stefan Bauwens

Myst 89 now compatible with the 92+/V200

I recently made a separate small update to Myst 89 so it'll work properly on the Voyage 200 and TI-92+.
However this just makes it compatible, and does not feature bigger and better images. ;)
You can download it here.

Also, TI-Concours is still busy. I reached the final together with Xeda. Sunday it'll (normally be the first part of the final, where'll I'l have a video chat with the judge.

Stefan Bauwens

TI-Concours 2013

TI-Concours started this month, and I entered in for the 68K basic section. The first round is over, so there's still a round2 and final round to be played, if I'm not mistaken.
The objective of round1 was to make Force3/Clou, which is a tic-tac-toe variant.
Instead of just placing your pions, you can also still slide the bases where they're on(8 bases) and move your pion to another spot. Also, each player is limited to 3 pions.
I never heard of this game, but with the help on the World Wide Web, I got the necessary information I was looking for, and in about a week(that's the time we had) I could make this port.

Although I'm pretty happy with my end result, it looks like I had no other competitors in this round, since I already heard that I was basically the only one who sent a entry(Except Xeda Elnara, who sent a useless program instead for fun).

Stefan Bauwens

Hello TI-84+

A few days ago, my new(secondhand) calculator came in the mail to add to my little collection.
The calculator has an issue turning on, but this seemed to be due to the operating system being corrupted. So my brother could with the help of Brandon Wilson bring it back to a working state.
The TI-84+ is in a decent state and will help me in my goal to be able to run *all* the files on Ticalc.org ;)
The usb feature is new to me, but it looks awesome. The only problem is that it still won't wok on a mac, but this is the fault of TI-Connect X. However that bug should be fixed, I think, in V4, which should come out in april, if I'm not mistaken.

Stefan Bauwens

A sign of life

Yes, I'm still alive, and no I have not yet stopped with programming calculators.
The thing is I have not found a lot of time to do so these past weeks and month.
I have not rightaway an update to Project Mine, but what I probably do can tell you is that I am changing it.
It won't be anymore a 2D minicraft game, but I'm thinking of using the engine to create a rpg sort of game, and since the title will probably remain "Project Mine" for now, I guess it'll be minicraft. :P
But I have to say, these are still just ideas. Please don't be too dissapointed if I decide to do something else anyway.

Hav I programmed something recently?
Actually, yes I have. Not two days ago, actually. I made a fake-chat program for my brother(Ti-basic on my TI-89). It features: real time, bold (random out of a list) names, typed-like (random out of a list) sentences. Although I didn't add a lot of things in the list, I find the neverending chat log, quite entertaining.
I won't be uploading it rightaway though, since it was a present for my brother, and that means it's only for him. :P

Anyway, just wanted to say, I'm still alive and kicking.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Stefan Bauwens

Project Mine

I'm introducing a new project that I'm working on: Project Mine.
I finally, for the first time ever, made a good working smooth-scrolling engine. So cheer with me.
It's intended to become a 2d Minecraft clone for your TI-89. I'm programming it in the language Newprog, which means that I can have 4-level grayscale as well, which you can see in the animated screenshot. I will use the same tiles as the game Minecraft, just converted to 4-level grayscale and eventually edit it.
Currently I'm working on collision detection. For small updates you may want to check this tread once in a while.


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